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New & Used Honda Cars Trucks SUV News

New Honda Used Car Super Center Opens in Dallas

used car super center Dallas Dallas, TX - John Eagle Honda of Dallas has just opened one of the largest Honda used car super centers in the North Texas area. This 4 million dollar facility will have the ability to house, sell, and service used Honda cars, trucks, and SUV vehicles for entire DFW used car consumer base.  Located in the heart of Uptown in Dallas on the adjacent block West of John Eagle Honda of Dallas this facility is built right onto our Express Service Lanes making it convenient for shoppers and servicers alike.  The facility features an 8 vehicle

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We Pay Cash for Cars, Truck, or SUV Vehicles

 Do you want to sell your car, truck, or SUV? We are purchasing more inventory directly from vehicle owners with more frequency.  We expect to purchase over 300% more vehicles directly from the registered owners in 2017 due to the higher cost of transportation and fees generally absorbed when purchasing vehicles from either auto auction houses or other auto dealerships.  Most of the vehicles, not all, a dealership purchased at the auto auction must have…

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Trading with Negative Equity

trade in car, truck, or SUV with negative equity Being upside-down in a vehicle is too common these days. Otherwise known as negative equity, consumers are carrying this inequity forward to a point that it is impossible in many cases for them to trade their car, truck, or SUV in. If you are in this situation you need to make the decision to end the cycle and end a cycle of anything you must have a plan. First, find out how much negative equity you are actually carrying in your current auto loan. You do this by getting actual cash offers on your vehicle and contact your lender to…

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Auto Credit and How to Manage, Repair, or Maintain Your File

auto finance new or used car truck or SUVAutomotive credit is something most everyone needs at one point in their life or another. It is smart to prepare the need of automotive credit for yourself or a family member like your kids. This should begin with your children when they begin earning income from a paper-route, mowing lawns, or house/pet sitting for a neighbor. As they begin earning income it is important to inform them how to manage their money and their credit portfolio as they will most need it in life.  We added each of our children to a designated credit card as soon as they…

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Automotive Vehicle Gap Insurance

new or used car truck SUV auto gap insurance coverage

Whether you buy or lease a new or used car, truck, or SUV you are buying an asset that depreciates in value. This amount is different on each vehicle based on supply, demand, parts availability, and many other factors as to the amount of depreciation. You can be sure just like any new item purchased that it becomes used immediately and such depreciates immediately. Another fact is that with vehicle prices rising significantly through the…

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Leasing Delivers Less Risk with Guaranteed Future Values Set by Honda

leasing a vehicle vs. financing a vehicleWhen it is time to look for a new car, truck, or SUV for the family people show they are creatures of habit. The consumers buying tendencies are tough to change from fear of change without enough facts. So let's see if the facts are in favor of change will consumers elect change? 

Buying vs. Leasing a new vehicle has been a business and family debate for a long time. Of course any accountant, money advisor, or investment guru will tell you to buy items that appreciate and lease items that depreciate when items are over a particular threshold…

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2017 Honda Odyssey

2017 Honda OdysseyIn 2017 the auto industry has and will come out with some technologically outfitted vehicles this fall. Most of which will not be geared entirely to the family until the 2017 Honda Odyssey. This redesigned stylish technological advanced vehicle melded the family functionality design that is needed for families on the the go with the desired features that are in the advanced cars and SUV vehicles.  You just wouldn't expect this new mini-van from…

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Automotive Career Pathways to Success

auto jobs pathways to successAt John Eagle Honda of Dallas, the pillar of the John Eagle Family of Dealerships, we seem to be always growing in different directions.  There is only one way to grow in multiple directions successfully as we have and that is with great people that have devoted themselves to their career with us.  In return the John Eagle Family of Dealership's openly displays their devotion and commitment to all team members throughout our company in return through our pathways to success.  We are not really looking for job seekers, we are looking for career seekers, says John Ingram Managing…

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2016 Honda Summer Clearance Event in Dallas

2016 Honda Summer Clearance EventDo customers know that when Honda says it is time for the Honda Summer Clearance Event that they get very serious about enhancing incentives to the high volume Honda Dealerships like us here at John Eagle Honda of Dallas?  When competing manufactures always seem to have some type of liquidation going on, here at Honda we have the 2016 awarded Car of the Year in the Honda Civic that has a Summer Clearance Event payment…

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Congratulations Terry Moore on 40 Years with the John Eagle Honda of Dallas

the best dealership in Dallas to be an auto technician mechanicCongratulations to Terry Moore on 40 years with the John Eagle Auto Group!  As I sat there in the lunch time crowd on the showroom floor of John Eagle Honda of Dallas that Friday afternoon in June with dozens of prior, current, and I am confident future employees of the John Eagle Auto Group I was taken back with emotion. Attending were some of Terry's past and present colleagues (including owners John Eagle & John…

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