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Why do I need to change and flush all fluid levels in my car? This primarily preventative maintenance for your vehicle.  Fluids of any kinds when left unchanged begin to stagnate and when abrasive chemical compounds found in auto coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid begin to cause corrosion, sludge, and rust in some extreme cases.  Here at John Eagle Honda we recommend changing and/or flushing your fluids to Honda specifications to reduce your chances of major vehicle repair.  Ask your Service Consultant for details.
Offer expires: 03/31/2017


Why buy a set or pair of tires? Do I need to align my car? First the tire question is easy, tires are like sneakers for your car, they wear according to your driving pattern together.  So this will create even wear and less tire replacement intervals. Alignment is something that excel orates wearing in your tires when not done as needed. You know you need an alignment if your steering wheel doesn't align straight and/or your car pulls to the right or left when driving.  Ask you Service Consultant for details today. 
Offer expires: 03/31/2017


The timing belt is a rubber belt located in the engine compartment behind the drive belts. Its job is to keep the crankshaft in sync with the camshaft(s), ensuring the proper timing and operation of the engine valves and therein, ensuring the highest performance of your vehicles engine.  

Offer expires: 03/31/2017


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