Summer Time Trade In Values Rise to Control 2016 Honda Inventory

bmw hail repair, mercedes hail repair facility, lexus hail repair professionals, honda certified hail repair body shopWell it is June in Texas and all families that own a car, truck, or SUV know that hail is always in the forecast somewhere within this great state.  Another fact is that we find ourselves in our car, truck, or SUV in North Texas a lot more than most areas due to the average commute time being 45 minutes.  That window in traffic increases your chances of becoming a hail statistic.  You also want to be comfortable in your mobile office.  Did you know that your insurance rates will not increase if you have a hail repair claim? Hail repair is built into your premium due to the probability you will encounter a needed car, truck, or SUV hail damage repair living in North Texas.  At John Eagle Collision Center, our body shop rapid hail repair technicians are on the ready for the North Texas weather.  We deal with your insurance company for you as to expedite the process getting you back in your car, truck, or SUV after a hail event.  While we have your car, truck, or SUV with our Auto Concierge service you will have a loaner vehicle to drive, even if your insurance does not cover it.  Ask your John Eagle Collision Center professional today and stop driving your commute in a vehicle that is pummeled.