Summer Time Trade In Values Rise to Control 2016 Honda Inventory

buy a used car with a low interest rate​Honda Financial Services made some news today in the auto market as it pertains to buying select certified used Honda cars, trucks, or SUV vehicles. They actually quietly made the announcement last week, but do to quickly dwindling supply this is making news in Dallas, Texas.  Auto dealership John Eagle Honda in Dallas, Texas is experiencing this very strong used car purchase trend as lending money below prime rate on select Certified used Honda cars, trucks, and SUV vehicles has more used car, truck, and SUV customers wanting to take advantage than there are vehicles.  This is occurring due to strong reliability reports and information in the used Honda vehicles previously purchased within the used car, truck, and SUV markets like Dallas.  You can borrow money below 1% A.P.R. at John Eagle Honda on a 36 month finance contract on select certified used Honda cars, trucks, or SUV vehicles.  We realize at John Eagle Honda that not all used car, truck, or SUV customers can afford the payments on shorter term finance auto loans, even with these low interest rates.  Auto loan interest rates normally run much higher than new car, truck, or SUV auto loans. So Honda Financial Services have set rates for auto loan customers set at only 1.9% on select certified Honda vehicles.  Contact John Eagle Honda today to take advantage of these low auto loan finance rates on select used certified Honda cars, trucks, and SUV vehicles.