Summer Time Trade In Values Rise to Control 2016 Honda Inventory

auto finance new or used car truck or SUVAutomotive credit is something most everyone needs at one point in their life or another. It is smart to prepare the need of automotive credit for yourself or a family member like your kids. This should begin with your children when they begin earning income from a paper-route, mowing lawns, or house/pet sitting for a neighbor. As they begin earning income it is important to inform them how to manage their money and their credit portfolio as they will most need it in life.  We added each of our children to a designated credit card as soon as they came of age earning their own money. Then we taught them how it went to the credit bureaus as debt and how to manage the money and debt. This process prepares them and their individual credit files for the future to care and maintain allowing more purchase power without huge discount fees or having to seek co-signers at every turn. At John Eagle Honda of Dallas we would extend to any of our customers in sales or service a sit down where they can view and understand their own credit file and how to maintain it. Simply contact one of our Auto Finance professionals for an appointment. Remember that credit is repairable and manageable as long as you are taught the correct way.