Summer Time Trade In Values Rise to Control 2016 Honda Inventory

trade in car, truck, or SUV with negative equity Being upside-down in a vehicle is too common these days. Otherwise known as negative equity, consumers are carrying this inequity forward to a point that it is impossible in many cases for them to trade their car, truck, or SUV in. If you are in this situation you need to make the decision to end the cycle and end a cycle of anything you must have a plan. First, find out how much negative equity you are actually carrying in your current auto loan. You do this by getting actual cash offers on your vehicle and contact your lender to aquire the payoff. Then simply take the actual cash value of the car, truck, or SUV and deduct the amount owed to a lender giving you your equitable position. If you are in a lease with negative equity your situation is different and easier to resolve. Once you have obtained the amount you should realize that your next vehicle payment will include this money that is your negative equity. A estimated rule of thumb is $20 per thousand, so if you have $3000 in negative equity, your next loan will include $60 per month toward your inequitable position. Retiring negative equity in a lease is the shortest term route to go, however remember the key part of that phrase, short term lease such as 36-48 months maximum. See one of our Finance professionals at John Eagle Honda of Dallas for details on the route that is best for you by contacting us or get a Eagle Quick Quote today.

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