Summer Time Trade In Values Rise to Control 2016 Honda Inventory

auto jobs pathways to successAt John Eagle Honda of Dallas, the pillar of the John Eagle Family of Dealerships, we seem to be always growing in different directions.  There is only one way to grow in multiple directions successfully as we have and that is with great people that have devoted themselves to their career with us.  In return the John Eagle Family of Dealership's openly displays their devotion and commitment to all team members throughout our company in return through our pathways to success.  We are not really looking for job seekers, we are looking for career seekers, says John Ingram Managing Partner and General Manager.  A job is something that you go to every day because you have to, a career is when you are welcomed, trained, and culturally incubated into the common goal of the rest of your teammates. This is what we do at John Eagle Honda of Dallas.  You are part of a team that we are constantly investing in educating, training, and mentoring to carry the torch, as these are the individuals that are the future of our great company.  John Ingram went on to say that We know that our new hires are to become Eagle Honda's future through our pathways of success, so we listen to them as they listen to our customers driving customer satisfaction well above industry standards.  When CSI is high it is a result of ESI (Employee Satisfaction Index).  If you are curious how you might be able to have a role on within our growing organization, simple click this link or email John Ingram by clicking this link to schedule a free career consultation and mention John Ingram in the email.  We look forward to steering your career down the pathways to success.

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