Summer Time Trade In Values Rise to Control 2016 Honda Inventory

body shop dallas texasThe body shop business is as big as Texas and that fact holds true here in North Texas. There are literally hundreds of body shops located in North Texas and you would be hard pressed not to find one that has no waiting period prior to getting work done as the industry is robust in 2017.  This year has brought a record number of hail storms that have covered a large swath of population masses exasserbating an already heavy traffic accident driven business.

One of the biggest questions asked is "How do I know if the body shop repaired my vehicle properly?"  The answer is not simple either.  Most people that have to use a body shop rely mostly on their own insurance companies to let them know if the repair is correctly done and completed.  It is counter productive to insurance companies bottom line to critique body shop technicians finished product as they do not want to slow down and already crawling machine.  So I would suggest a few good tips.  The number one tip would be to inspect the vehicle first in the brightest sunlight from different heights while viewing the paint.  From 6 inches to 5 feet viewing the paint as you move.  You will notice if there are runs in paint, surface imperfections, or mis-coloration.  Then be sure to open all doors, hoods, or compartments that were within the damaged area examining nuts, bolts, and framing that would look non-semetrical.  If you are able to have the vehicle lifted on a rack to view the under-carriage, it would serve you well.  

Hopefully this information helped.  You can contact John Eagle Collision Center should you have any questions or concerns about body work that has been completed by us or someone else.  We are here to service the body shop needs of North Texas.

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